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Property Auctions
The Civil Division conducts real and personal property auctions that have been ordered by the court. However, a majority of property sales have not gone through the courts, therefore our office is not involved. These sales are usually possessory chattel liens or trust deed foreclosures. You can find notices of possessory chattel liens posted at the main entrance to the courthouse. Trust deed foreclosures are advertised in newspapers around Linn County.

Upcoming Property Sales
> Sheriff’s Office Sales

Other Government Auctions
Other government agencies also hold auctions. Linn County holds tax foreclosure sales once per year. You can contact Linn County Property Management at (541) 967-3882.

> Linn County Property Tax Foreclosure Sales

Federal Government Auctions
For seized items including real estate, boats, vehicles, jewelry, and aircraft, follow this link to the U.S. Customs auction site:

> US Treasury Customs Auctions

IRS Tax Forclosures
> IRS Tax Forclosure Auctions

Other Federal Auctions
For other U.S. government auctions including Army Corps of Engineers, Department of Defense, FDIC Assets, US General Services, HUD housing auctions, US Postal Service and Small Business Administration:

> U.S. Department of the Treasury

Surplus Property Sales
Many local government entities, including Linn County, utilize Oregon State University to sell surplus property.

> OSU Surplus Property

The State of Oregon also sells surplus property online.
> Oregon Surplus Property