The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is currently coordinating evacuation and advisory efforts with area law enforcement and fire agency partners, along with the State of Oregon, related to fires in the North Santiam Canyon areas of Idanha, Detroit, Gates, Mill City, Lyons and Mehama (Beachie Creek & Lions Head Fires).  In addition, coordination efforts are actively underway for the areas of Crawfordsville, Holley, Upper Calapooia Road, and the HWY20 Corridor from Foster, and east to the Mountain House (Holiday Farm Fires).

All notices listed below are in effect, until such time that they are downgraded. Residents will be notified via our cell phone alerting tool, Linn-Benton Alert System, our website here, and social media when it is safe to re-enter their areas.  Please, do not call 9-1-1 unless you have an active emergency. We have set up a non-emergency line for wildfire related questions for those unable to access the internet at 541-812-2260.

The following document helps summarize the different levels of evacuation and advisory mentioned.




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Effective September 25th, 2020, at 9:00AM, the area of Idanha in Linn County is reduced to a Level 2 – “Be Set” evacuation level, as well as the Linn County area from the end of Gates Bridge East, north to the Linn County line, south to Thomas Creek and east Cooper’s Ridge Road on Highway 22 (MP56.9).  Crews have been working tirelessly to restore access to evacuated areas.  While residents will be able to return to these communities, many hazards remain and core services have not been restored to residences.

Detroit/Idanha Access:

The Oregon Department of Transportation is continuing to work with multiple contractors who are removing hazardous trees and debris along Highway 22 between mile post 33, in Gates, and mile post 65, near Marion Forks.  To allow residents access to the cities of Detroit and Idanha, ODOT will be using pilot cars to lead residents through the closed sections of OR 22E between Gates and Detroit.  While residents will be able to travel freely between the cities of Detroit and Idanha, Highway 22 will be closed to eastbound traffic at mile post 56.9, west of Cooper’s Ridge Rd.  There is no thru access to the Santiam Pass from the Detroit/Idanha area at this time.

ODOT still has multiple tree contractors working on hazard tree removal in the area between Gates and Detroit with work zones that will cause delays for both the inbound and outbound pilot car trips, residents should expect at least one hour to make a one way trip. Due to the extensive work being undertaken by tree removal contractors, pilot cars guiding residents between Gates and Detroit will be limited to the following daily schedule:

  • 9:00 am – Pilot car departing Gates to Detroit
  • 11:00 am – Pilot car returning from Detroit to Gates
  • 1:00 pm – Pilot car departing Gates to Detroit
  • 5:00 pm – Pilot car returning from Detroit to Gates

The City of Detroit Mayor, Jim Trett, stated, “As our residents return to the Detroit and Idanha community, we are asking the media and other visitors to be respectful of our community members during this difficult time.  This will be the first time many of our residents are seeing the extent of the damage following the wildfires.  Please allow our residents an opportunity to grieve these losses privately.”

Due to the remaining hazards in the cities of Detroit and Idanha and lack of basic services, we are requesting people who are not residents of Detroit and Idanha to refrain from traveling to this area.

The Willamette National Forest remains closed to the public at this time, updates can be found at This includes a full closure for access to Stahlman Summer Home cabins.

Community members who happen to reside in Marion County may find up to date information at

The evacuation map and resources for community members impacted by the recent wildfires can be found on the Linn County Sheriff’s Office website at



LEVEL 3 EVACUATIONS – GO NOW (last updated 09/25/2020 @ 1100 hours)

  • Stahlman Summer Home cabins remain in a Level 3 evacuation alert, due to being within the Willamette National Forest, which remains closed


LEVEL 2 WARNING or NOTICE: High probability of a need to evacuate (last updated 09/25/2020 @ 1100 hours)

  • The area of Idanha in Linn County will be reduced to a Level 2 – “Be Set” evacuation level, as well as the Linn County area from the end of Gates Bridge East, north to the Linn County line, south to Thomas Creek and east Cooper’s Ridge Road on Highway 22 (MP56.9)
  • The area including Marion Forks, south to the Highway 22/Highway 20 Junction, east and west to the county lines, is downgraded to a Level 2 (Get Set) evacuation area.  Access to Marion Forks via Highway 22 is only possible from the Highway 22/Highway 20 Junction.
  • The areas east of the end of Gates Bridge East to Milepost 65 on Highway 22 (outside of Marion Forks) within Linn County are Level 2 “Be Set” evacuation level


LEVEL 1 ALERT: A wildfire threat is in your area. Consider making necessary preparations. Plan and prepare in the event evacuation becomes necessary. Evacuation is not necessary at this time. Additional notice will be sent if evacuation is necessary. (last updated 09/25/2020 @ 0930 hours)

  • The Cities of Lyons, Mill City and Gates are DOWNGRADED to Level 1 Alert (Get Ready), including 16th St behind Freres, and Clipfell Ln, and all areas between the railroad tracks that intersect with HWY226 and north to the Linn/Marion County line, east to Cedar Mill Road, south to Thomas Creek Drive.  This also includes the areas of Linn County from Cedar Mill Road on Lyons-Mill City Drive, to the end of Gates Bridge East, and all side roads.


SHELTERS for residents under a Level 3 evacuation notice – (updated 09/18/2020 @ 1100 hrs):

  • Residents needing supplies and equipment who have been displaced are encouraged to call the Linn County Fair & Expo Center at 541-926-4314
  • Lebanon Calvary Church at 633 Park Street, Lebanon, Oregon is open as a shelter
  • Willamette Speedway at 36606 Airport Dr, Lebanon, OR is open to RVs for parking
  • A Facebook group for those with AVAILABLE livestock boarding and resources to connect with those NEEDING livestock facilities, has been created:


ROAD RE-OPENING Updates (updated 09/25/2020 @ 0900 hours)

  • HWY 22 is a HARD CLOSURE from Milepost 57 to Milepost 65.  No traffic is allowed through in either direction.
  • HWY 22 is under PILOT CAR TRAFFIC ONLY (see schedule above) from Milepost 33 to Milepost 57.  This area should be limited to residents and owners only, when possible.
  • Check for all updates on road closures.