**Governor Brown’s two-week statewide “freeze” has rolled into the Governor’s “Risk and Protection Framework”. As of 12/02/2020, Linn County is in the “Extreme Risk” category. As such, Linn County Sheriff’s Office is forced to close all lobbies to the public, beginning 12/03/2020.  However, Sheriff Yon and his Office are committed to continuing to deliver excellent service to the citizens of Linn County.  Please review the information available on our website, or call our main number at 541-967-3950 to learn more. If you come to one of our offices, please call us and we will come out to speak with you.**


Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, If you need to register, please do so by phone (541-967-3907) or email to: All_Civil@linnsheriff.org

Access the Oregon Sex Offender Registry

Sex Offender in HandcuffsAll Oregon law enforcement agencies submit their registrations to the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit. By law, that unit is the state repository mandated to maintain registered sex offender records, provide assistance to victims of sex offenders, and to provide information to law enforcement agencies.

Citizens can access the predatory sex offender database on the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registry website. The website allows searches by zip code, last name, or other types of information.

CAUTION: The list of predatory sex offenders on the public site is much shorter than the list of all registered sex offenders. The site explains the criteria used for the web list.

You may request a complete list of all sex offenders in your neighborhood by telephone or in writing. Call (503) 934-1258.

Assessing Risk to Reoffend

House Bill 2549, passed in 2013, is prompting changes to the Oregon State sex offender program. In part, this bill will direct the Department of Corrections to adopt a risk assessment tool and classify each registered sex offender based on their risk of reoffending in the community. It will also establish general rules regarding community notification based on assessment results.

For additional information or questions regarding the sex offender reporting requirements in the State of Oregon, call the Oregon State Police at (503) 934-1258. You can also email the Oregon State Police at sexoffender.questions@state.or.us or visit the Oregon State Sex Offender website.