ATTENTION: Our Service Fees changed July 1st, 2021

Notice Process

Summons/Complaint, Summons/Petition, Small Claims, F.E.D, Orders, divorce cases, etc.

Please provide the original Summons and a certified true copy of the Summons and Complaint/Petition etc. for each person being served. Please give all information regarding the defendant that you have available to help us locate the defendant and serve the documents. ORCP 7D(2)(b) requires that when service is made by substituted service, the plaintiff, as soon as reasonably possible, shall cause to be mailed, by first class mail, a certified true copy of the summons and complaint (or small claim) to the defendant at the defendant’s residence with a statement of the date, time and place at which substitute service was made. We do not do this mailing. We will provide you with a copy of the proof of service to help you fulfill these requirements.

$50 for not more than two persons at the same address
$25 for each party if serving more than two parties at the same address
$50 for each party at different addresses

John Doe at 123 Main Street – $50
John Doe and Jane Doe at 123 Main Street – $50
John Doe at 123 Main Street and Jane Doe at 166 Walker Street – $100
John Doe, Jane Doe, and Jimmy Doe at 123 Main Street – $84

Notice of Restitution $50

Provide the original notice, a certified true copy of the notice for each person served and one certified copy for mailing.

Writ of Garnishment $25

Provide the original Writ or a copy of the writ for delivery to the garnishee, a garnishee response form, instructions to garnishee and a wage exemption calculation form. We will also need a copy of the Writ for delivery to the debtor and the original debt calculation form, a notice of exemptions form, and a challenge to garnishment form. If the Garnishee is a bank, you must include a check or money order payable to the bank for the search fee.

Writ of Execution on Notice of Restitution $139

Provide the original Writ, enough certified copies for each person, and an extra copy for mailing. We will provide the Notice of Trespass. For best service, please call early in the day for same day service.

Other Writs $89 plus Deposit

Writ of Execution (Personal Property or Replevin) and “Till Tap.”

Provide the original Writ. Personal property Executions require deposits prior to levy to cover seizure and storage costs. Please call to get a quote for your particular situation. You may also be required to provide a bond that is double the amount of the judgment or double the amount of the property to be seized, whichever is more. This amount is determined by our office so please call prior to purchasing the bond.

Writ of Execution in Foreclosure

$500 Deposit for Ads in Scio News
$750 Deposit for Ads in Lebanon Express
$1,500 Deposit for Ads in Albany-Democrat Herald

The deposit covers the $80 sheriff’s fee, publishing costs, copying costs, mailing costs, pre sale posting, and post sale notice (if the property is residential). Please provide the original Writ and a certified copy of the judgment, and a letter of instruction in the statutory form. All sales, with the exception of foreclosed personal property, will take place on the Second Floor of the Linn County Courthouse at 11:00 am next to the trophy cases. An invoice will be sent to you with the Return of Service at the end of the sale as well as a refund check if we do not exceed the deposit amount. We will provide the Certificate of Sale once the sale is completed. Issuance of the deed after the redemption period is $50. Please return the Certificate of Sale with remittance when requesting the deed.


Copy Fees $1 per page

If our office must make copies of any process, order, notice, or other instrument in writing in order to complete the service, there is a fee of $1 per page.