Linn County Sheriff's Office & Jail

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office provides patrol services, detectives, corrections services, civil services, 9-1-1 emergency services, and emergency management for the citizens of Linn County. The Sheriff’s Office employs a staff of 184 full time employees who serve in six different operational divisions. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office abides by a professional code of the highest ethics: service to humankind, safeguarding lives and property, and an exemplary private life in keeping with the public trust. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office values integrity, professional excellence, the community, its employees, and respect for individuals.

Our Mission

The mission of this Sheriff’s Office is to serve and protect persons and property in the County. The responsibilities associated with this mission include enforcement of city ordinances, county, state and federal law; maintaining the peace and order of the County; protecting the property and personal safety; assisting citizens. It is up to the Sheriff’s Office to provide the leadership and professional support required to sustain and improve the community’s efforts to develop a balanced and cooperative law enforcement/community campaign against lawless and disorderly behavior.

About Linn County

Linn County was created in 1847, and was named after US Senator Lewis F. Linn, the author of the Donation Land Act, which provided free land to settlers in the West. Linn County is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Willamette Valley. Linn County’s western and eastern boarders are defined by the Willamette River, and the Cascade Mountain Range. Linn County’s estimated population in 2008 was 115,348. The county covers 2,297 square miles. The temperate climate and diverse terrain allow Linn County citizens to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities, including: fishing, camping, skiing, boating, hiking, and rafting.

Sheriff Riley

Meet Sheriff Riley

Sheriff Riley grew up in Albany. Learn more about his background and experience.

Sheriff’s Office Divisions

We don’t just drive patrol cars. Get introduced to our organization’s jobs and people.