Office pitbull

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division is seeking volunteers to do office/clerical work and interact with the dogs (i.e. walks, bathing).

General Statement of Duties

  • Answer phone calls, folding and stuffing envelopes and other general clerical work. Walk/play with dogs. Occasionally give baths to dogs.  And possibly help with kennel/dog area clean up to include laundry throughout the day. Continued training will result in other duties as assigned.


  • All volunteers would report to the Lt. when they arrive before they were given specific tasks.

Essential Functions

  • Conduct dog walks and baths.
  • Assist in socializing the dogs to help them get ready for adoption.
  • Interact directly with the animals throughout the day
  • Answer telephone calls
  • Complete activity log or time sheet, to document activities and hours

Recruiting Requirements

  • Must not be allergic to dogs
  • Basic knowledge of dog safety and care
  • Ability to effectively organize and file documents and other work product
  • Be able to interact professionally with the general public

Physical Demands

  • Work is performed indoors and outdoors in a variety of environments in all weather conditions
  • Ability to talk and hear (have no significant hearing loss), sit and stand, read and write, walk, run, bend, stoop and the ability to lift or move fifty (50) pounds

Required Onboard Training

  • As assigned


Applicants accepted for position may opt in the future to apply for full-time employment and will be required to complete the full new applicant process.

Interested applications may apply via our Animal Control Volunteer Application