Where Should I Look?

Lost Your PetThe minute you realize your pet is missing, start looking. Don’t wait, especially if your dog is unlicensed or not wearing the tag. View the dogs currently impounded at the Linn County Animal Control facility. Visit the shelters and call often.

It is quite possible your dog was picked up running loose or was turned into a shelter by someone who found it. However, unless your dog is wearing a license, there is no sure way of making a positive identification. Many dogs look alike and there is no way shelter personnel can be certain from your description whether or not they are holding your dog, therefore, it is vital that you visit the shelters to look for yourself.

Place a Lost ad in your local newspaper and be sure to check the Found ads. Put posters up in your neighborhood. These can be very helpful especially if you include a color picture of your dog. If you list a reward, be sure not to disclose the reward amount. Frequently people will find a dog and, not knowing where to take the dog or which shelters to call, will place a found ad in the paper and not turn the dog into a shelter for several days. Therefore keep checking–many times a dog will not show up at a shelter for 2-4 weeks.

Please remember, when your pet is found to notify the shelters, newspaper (if ad still running), and remove any flyers from the posted locations.

The same procedures apply should you find a dog. Call the shelters and place a found ad in the local newspapers, most papers place found items in the paper free of charge.

Where Should I Call?