Any mail sent to an Adult in Custody(AIC) must be sent in a sealed envelope, completely and correctly addressed, and must contain a complete and correct return address. Correspondence and drawings need to be done in pencil, standard ink pen, colored pencil, typewritten or computer generated. No felt pen, markers, crayon, etc.

All incoming mail will be opened and inspected for contraband, money, and prohibited publications. Any mail violating “Prohibited Mail” rules will be returned to its sender.

All cash sent through the mail will be placed in the AIC’s account. Checks or money orders will be placed in the AIC’s property. If these items are part of an incoming letter that is found to be prohibited, they will be sent back to the sender with the mail and not accounted for.

Confiscation/Censorship of AIC Mail

If any mail is confiscated or censored, the AIC will be notified, in writing, within 24 hours. The AIC has the right to a hearing to contest this action within seven (7) days (excluding weekends and holidays) of the action.

Refusal/Rejection of Incoming Mail

If incoming mail is rejected, the entire letter and contents will be returned to the sender. Incoming mail belongs to the sender. The sender will receive a copy of the rejection form with the reason for the refusal and the sender’s options for review of the refusal.


All mail sent to an AIC should be addressed using the following format:

AIC (insert AIC’s first, middle, and last name here)
c/o The Linn County Sheriff`s Office
1115 Jackson St SE
Albany, OR 97322

Types of Mail

Incoming official correspondence will be opened by a corrections deputy, in the AIC’s presence, and inspected to make sure no contraband is enclosed.

AICs may receive one newspaper if mailed directly from the publisher. AICs may receive photographs that do not exceed four inches by six inches in size, and that comply with the rules of prohibited mail. AICs are limited to a maximum of ten photographs in their possession. All others will be placed in the AIC’s property. AICs may not receive photographs that show sexually explicit, inflammatory, profane, or gang affiliated images. Polaroids are not allowed.

Prohibited mail is mail that:

  • Contains threats of physical harm or criminal activity
  • Threatens blackmail or extortion
  • Concerns sending contraband into or out of the facility
  • Concerns escape plans
  • Concerns plans or activities in violation of facility rules and regulations
  • Concerns plans for criminal activity
  • Is written in code
  • Contains information suggesting violence and/or physical harm to a human being
  • Poses a direct or immediate threat to the security and safety of the facility
  • Is intended to be received by another AIC in the facility
  • Contains contraband
  • Is perfumed or stained
  • Contains stickers or tape adhered to any part of it
  • The Sheriff, the Undersheriff, or Jail Commander feels poses a threat to the safety and security of the facility, staff, and/or other AICs
  • Is written to stated victim or residence of victim
  • Stated by Parole and Probation Officer that contact with certain persons is not allowed.
  • No blank paper, blank cards, envelopes, or un-cancelled postage stamps will be accepted.