The Sheriff’s Office works with ViaPath to simplify Adult in Custody (AIC) telephone calls and AIC banking. Please refer to the information below for further instructions and details.

Policy Overview

The Linn County Jail provides telephone and tablet usage to unrestricted AICs so they can maintain personal communications and ties with friends and family to facilitate their future transition from jail life to community life. Our policy is ensure the jail’s safety, security, order, and efficient operation while using the least restrictive means possible to regulate general AIC telephone use.

Within a reasonable time frame following the admission process, AICs shall be allowed to use the phone to contact family/friends or their attorney — unless the intake forms have not been completed due to the AICs disruptive behavior.

Availability of Phones & Tablets

  1. Telephones are available in all housing units at the Jail, with the exception of disciplinary blocks.
  2. Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded to prevent introduction of contraband and to prevent violations of law and/or jail AICs rules.
  3. Unrestricted AICs may use these telephones to call collect locally or anywhere in the United States as long as the call recipient will accept the collect charges.
  4. The telephones are for outgoing calls only; they will not accept incoming calls. 
  5. To add money to AIC account to make calls, you can contact ViaPath (the AIC telephone provider) at (866) 516-0115 (toll-free).
  6. ViaPath customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help you send money or answer your telephone questions.

Adding Funds to AIC Account Online & In Jail Lobby

You can add AIC funds for telephone and tablet access anytime, day or night, from ViaPath’s Member Access Page called an “Inmate Account”.




You may also add fund for an AIC to use on commissary items, by depositing money on their “Trust/Commissary Account” from ViaPath’s Member Access Page.




Alternatively, you may use the ViaPath Kiosk located in the Lobby of the Linn County Jail. Money is posted instantly to the AICs account for use.

AIC Voicemail

You can leave a voicemail message for about the price of a local phone call. Call (866) 516-0115 and follow the automated instructions.

Hours of Telephone Access

Telephones are generally available every day.

AICs may use telephones in their housing area from late morning through late evening. The exact times authorized by the supervisor on-duty are dependent on security issues. Calls automatically “time out” and disconnect after 20 minutes.

Telephone Rules

These rules will be posted for AICs to see in their cell blocks. They are also listed in the AIC handbook. In addition, AICs may ask deputies to explain any of the rules the do not understand. Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded to prevent introduction of contraband and to prevent violations of law and/or jail AIC rules.

  • AICs must not damage the telephone equipment.
  • AIC calls are limited to 20 minutes.
  • Profanity and yelling on the telephone are prohibited.
  • Harassment, intimidation, or threats over the telephone is prohibited.
  • AICs may never call the victims/witnesses of crimes they are accused of committing.
  • The monitoring/recording of any call may be used in AIC disciplinary hearing or court proceeding as evidence.

Violation of Telephone Rules

Telephones are a privilege — therefore, they must be used in a manner that complies with the state laws, county ordinances, and jail AIC rules.

AICs who misuse the telephone system may be warned, informally disciplined, lose their telephone privileges, or subject themselves to major Jail discipline and/or criminal action if and when appropriate.

Blocking AIC Telephone Calls

A citizen, upon request, may have his or her telephone number blocked from being called by the jail AIC telephone system. If you want your phone blocked, call (866) 516-0115.

Blocking a telephone number can take up to 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.