General Information

For your information as a prospective member of the Linn County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse, it is felt you should be aware of the aims, requirements and responsibilities of membership.

A. The Posse was formed to:

  1. Assist local and state agencies in the preservation of law and order
  2. Stimulate good horsemanship
  3. Promote good fellowship and sportsmanship
  4. Perpetuate the early days of Oregon

B. Administration:

  1. The Sheriff of Linn County is the Commander of the Posse
  2. For the administration of its own affairs, the following are elected by the membership:
    1. Captain
    2. First Lieutenant
    3. Second Lieutenant, Search & Rescue
    4. Second Lieutenant, Mounts
    5. Secretary
    6. Treasurer
    7. Board of Directors (3 elected by members)
  3. Regular membership:
    1. Limited to 50
    2. Must be a citizen of the United States
    3. Resident of Linn County or immediate area
    4. At least 21 years of age
    5. Upon election will be duly sworn as a Deputy Sheriff

C. Requirements:

  1. Dues
    1. $30.00 annually
  2. Members must furnish their own mount and western equipment and transportation
    1. The mount must be:
      1. Saddle type without apparent draft blood
      2. Height not less than 14.2 hands or over 16hands
      3. Mare or gelding
    2. Equipment:
      1. Suitable western saddle, color brown
      2. Sidearm, 38 or 357 caliber, Colt, S&W or Ruger blue or stainless finish, double action, brown belt and holster
      3. Furnish their own uniform, with the exception of a parade and security shirt
      4. Applicant shall have equipment and uniform within 60 days after being elected to membership
  3. Conduct and appearance:
    1. Members shall conduct their personal lives in an exemplary manner at all times
    2. Any member who conducts themselves in a manner not becoming a gentleman/lady either in the Posse or elsewhere may be reprimanded, suspended or expelled.
    3. The use of intoxicants while in uniform is prohibited and their use at other times must be with propriety.
    4. Any members who does anything calculated to disturb the harmony or impair the good name of the Posse or Sheriff’s Office, with special emphasis on personal debts and extra-marital activities, may be expelled.
  4. Drug Testing: Drug test upon entry into the Posse prior to being sworn in by the Sheriff.
  5. Firearms: Must receive basic use of force training and qualify semi-annually with your duty weapon.
  6. Liability:
    1. Each member is require to carry suitable liability and property damage insurance as shall meet the approval of the Captain and the Sheriff.

D. Posse Functions:

  1. Regularly scheduled events
    1. Monthly meetings at the Sheriff’s Office on the first Wednesday of each month.
    2. Drill and games every Wednesday night at the fairgrounds except the first Wednesday of the month.
  2. Other events as scheduled
    1. Horse show
    2. Trail rides
    3. Parades
    4. Security
    5. Potluck dinners
    6. O.A.M.P. events

In the event that you have questions that have not been covered by the foregoing, it is suggested that you contact any of the officers or your sponsor.

Linn County Sheriff’s Posse Uniform Regulations

Individual Purchase

  • Hat
    • Brand: Resistol/Stetson
    • Model: Ft. Worth/Ranger
    • Color: Silver Belly
    • Brim: 3 ½ inch
  • Dress Pants
  • Revolver
    • .38 OR .357 caliber
    • Colt, S&W or Ruger
    • Blue or Stainless
  • Holster: Brown Western style
  • Work Pants: Unfaded blue jeans
  • Boots: Brown Western Style

Posse Purchase

  • Dress Shirt
  • Dress Scarf
  • Badge
  • Black Duty Belt
  • Work Shirt
  • Saddle Blanket
  • Plaques
  • Jacket: Green SAR Jacket

If you would like to join the Posse and believe that you can fulfill the requirements, please fill out the Mounted Posse application form.