Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley reports his office received a report of an explosive device on August 17, 2016, from City of Lyons Public Works employee Richard Birky. Richard reported he found a homemade explosive device the day before in the roadway near the Lyons Library located at 279 8th Street. Richard stored the device in his vehicle and met with a deputy today to turn it over to law enforcement.

Deputies immediately placed the device on the ground, cleared a safe area and notified the Oregon State Police Bomb Squad for assistance, where they rendered the device safe for disposal. State Police Bomb Technician Sgt. Kevin Del Grande advised that this homemade explosive device was capable of taking off a hand if it would have detonated while someone was holding it. The device was about two inches in length, wrapped in tape and had a fuse.

Sheriff Riley asks anyone that comes across any suspicious looking device to not touch it, clear a safe area around the device and immediately report it to local law enforcement.

No suspect(s) have been identified at this point. The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information that may help with identifying the involved individuals please, contact Deputy Russell Williams at the Linn County Sheriff’s Office (541) 967-3950.