With the upcoming hot weather, this can mean an increase of people floating the local rivers.  Sheriff Bruce Riley reminds the public to plan accordingly for your adventures during this hot weather, especially when heading out on the lake or river.  First and foremost, wear a life jacket.  If you do not have a life jacket, most area fire departments have life jacket loaner programs at each fire station.

In addition, Sheriff Riley asks river floaters to please park only in designated parking areas, and not block boat ramps.  Vehicles parked illegally, including impeding the lane of travel, will be towed.  Sheriff Riley wants everyone to remember to wear sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.  Even though you may be floating on the water and staying cool, you can still become dehydrated, so adequate water intake remains important.

It is also very important to understand how long your float may take to complete.  Sheriff Riley and his staff offer the following estimates for how long popular floats are taking right now on area rivers:

  • Michael’s Landing to Takena Landing (Willamette River) – 6 hours
  • Greens Bridge to Jefferson Boat Launch (North Santiam to Santiam River) – 2.5 hours
  • Jefferson Boat Launch to Santiam Rest Area @ Interstate 5 (Santiam River) – 2.5 hours
  • Gill’s Landing to Sanderson’s Bridge @ HWY 226 (South Santiam River) – 7 hours

Sheriff Riley also reminds the public to be cautious about your pets during the hot weather.  During this extreme heat, it is advised to keep pets indoors.  Never leave your pet in a vehicle, even if the windows are cracked.  Temperatures can quickly rise to deadly levels, in as few as ten minutes.  If you see a pet left in a vehicle, attempt to find the owner, or call 9-1-1.