Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley would like to remind Linn County residents to be prepared for the Eclipse that will occur this Monday, August 21. Our County is expecting thousands of visitors from all over the world to view the eclipse; campgrounds and hotels have been booked for months.

Although the eclipse does not occur until Monday, the influx of visitors is expected to impact our area throughout the weekend starting on Friday, August 18. Linn County could see traffic congestion to the point of gridlock on many of the major roads.

Sheriff Riley cautions residents to take some proactive measures to minimize the impact. Use common sense. Do not travel over the weekend and especially Monday if you do not have to. If it is necessary, allow yourself plenty of extra time to get to your destination.

Remember deputies and other first responders may also have trouble traveling to calls for service due to roadway congestion. Linn County Sheriff’s Office will make efforts to respond to every call for service from the public; however, there may be some delays in response time. Sheriff Riley asks for the public’s patience while his Office works hard to maintain public safety throughout the county.

Lastly, you may have heard some eclipse glasses are counterfeit, please be assured if you received a pair from our office, they are approved and safe to use for viewing.