In order to fulfill its mission, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office is organized into six operational divisions. Each division is responsible for conducting specialized duties. All six divisions are highly integrated; operating as a single team. The six divisions continually fulfill the mission of the Linn County Sheriff’s Office through a strict adherence to excellence and teamwork.

The six divisions directly report to the Undersheriff. The Undersheriff directly reports to the Sheriff. By limiting the organizational layers, the Linn County Sheriff’s Office is able to eliminate operational redundancy, maximize operational efficiency and effectiveness, while creating a fun, family-oriented environment in which to work.

Criminal Patrol Division

The LCSO Criminal Patrol Division provides professional deputy response and investigation of law enforcement-related emergencies and reports of criminal activity. Our goal is to help prevent injuries, deaths and property loss caused by driver inattention, intoxication and careless driving. In addition to providing these services, our Patrol deputies are able to work on special assignments or be part of our many specialty teams such as Marine Patrol, Forest and Mountain Patrol, SWAT, Dive Team and the K-9 Unit. See our Ride-Along page if you want to gain a better understanding of the work of our Patrol Division.

Also within the Criminal Patrol Division is our Animal Control Unit.  They are responsible for providing animal control services such as shelter, medical attention and food for all of Linn County. We foster an environment of care and compassion for animals found running at-large, as well as strays or those abandoned. Our goal is to re-unite these animals with their rightful owners or find new, loving homes and families for those in need. The facility is housed by full time deputies, support staff and volunteers that are committed to the highest level of animal care and their welfare. Our employees are trained in proper animal care and handling and have a true compassion and dedication for each animal’s safety and well-being. In addition to temporary housing and adoptions, we offer licensing and routine low-cost veterinary clinics which includes vaccinations, spaying/neutering.


The LCSO Detectives Division investigates major cases involving person crimes, property and narcotics crimes and computer crimes. Our goal is to clear the innocent and assist in the prosecution of the guilty while maintaining the highest standards of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Corrections Division

The LCSO Corrections Division is responsible for providing a safe and secure jail facility which operates professionally, respectfully and efficiently. We house in-custody, pre-trial and sentenced offenders of the law. In addition to providing the basic needs to our inmates, we offer transports for court appearances, work programs and rehabilitation programs while in our custody.

Corrections Programs Division

The Corrections Programs Division works directly with the Corrections Division and is responsible for providing inmate programs, supervising inmates that are assigned to alternative sanctions and supervising the Sheriff’s Inmate Work Crew. Deputies working in the Corrections and Corrections Programs Division can elect to join specialty teams such as the Dive Team and SWAT.

Support Services

The LCSO Support Services Division is the backbone of the Sheriff’s Office. Our 911 Communications & Dispatch Center, Records, Property and Evidence, Fleet and Purchasing, Information Technology (IT) and Recruitment and Training are all part of this Division. We also have several Volunteer Programs that are overseen by the Support Services Division – these include Neighborhood Watch, Search and Rescue, Reserve Deputies and Mounted Posse. The LCSO relies heavily on the hard work and dedication of our volunteers to help us fulfill our mission.

Civil Division

The LCSO Civil Division is housed at the Linn County Courthouse and is committed to providing a wide range of quality services to the citizens of Linn County. The Civil Process is comprised of two main categories: Notice Process and Enforcement Process. The primary function of the Notice Process is to notify individuals about ongoing legal proceedings such as summons, subpoena, small claims and restraining orders. The Enforcement Process handles such orders as seizure and sale of property, seizure and delivery of personal property and real property foreclosures. The Civil Division also provides Compensatory Service, fingerprinting for teaching certificates, broker’s licenses, financial institution, passports and adoptions as well as the processing of Concealed Handgun permits.