Linn-Benton AlertLinn County Sheriff Bruce Riley would like to announce a test of the Linn-Benton ALERT system on March 12, 2016. The test will cover all of Linn County and the Albany city limits in North Albany. The test message will go out at 2 p.m. All traditional land phone lines in our 911 database will receive the message. Those who have registered other devices, with the system, will also receive the test message. Recipients will be given the option to confirm receipt of the message on each phone or device.

The Linn-Benton ALERT Emergency Notification System is a mass notification system that allows public safety officials to provide rapid notifications to Linn and Benton County residents of emergencies, evacuations, and other urgent events. There will be no reason to call our office once you receive the message.

If you would like to register your cellular phone or other devices with Linn-Benton ALERT, please go to our website,  There is a link in the lower-right corner of our website to sign up.