Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley reports today at 1:53 P.M., a deputy attempted to stop a motorcycle on Peoria Road near Brattain Drive, west of Shedd for traveling 101 MPH.

The deputy was in the area performing focus patrols, due to reported citizen traffic complaints. The deputy activated his overhead lights and siren attempting to stop the blue and white 2006 Yamaha FR1, who acknowledged the deputy by looking back at the patrol vehicle.

After approximately five miles, at speeds in access of 130 MPH, the motorcycle turned northbound on Peoria Road then eastbound on Crook Drive. The operator then turned the motorcycle around, and again passed the deputy, and returned to Peoria Road continuing northbound.

The deputy terminated pursuit near Peoria Road when he lost sight of the motorcycle, but was directed northbound by citizens who saw the motorcycle speeding. The deputy located the motorcycle that had crashed in a gravel parking lot just north of Brattain Drive. The deputy was advised by a motorist that the motorcycle rider had been picked up in a Subaru and was northbound on Peoria Road. Deputies stopped the Subaru and identified the motorcycle operator as, Darius Michael Panknin, 22, of Corvallis.

Panknin was taken into custody and transported to the Linn County Jail on charges of Attempt to Elude — Felony, two counts of Reckless Driving, Driving While Suspended, Driving Uninsured, and VBR (Violation of Basic Rule) -130+.

Panknin is the owner of the motorcycle and told deputies he ran out of gas and was trying to go off the roadway when he crashed.

The operator of the Subaru said he saw the crashed motorcycle and stopped to assist the motorcycle operator, not knowing he had been eluding deputies. The operator of the Subaru was released and is not facing charges.

The elude lasted 13 minutes and traveled approximately 17 miles.