Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley, reports on May 1, 2016, John Frank, 37, of Bend was rescued after he jumped off of Tamolich Falls into Blue Pool. Tamolich Falls is located on the McKenzie River near Trail Bridge Reservoir. Blue pool is located at the base of Tamolich Falls and is a popular hiking destination.

Frank hiked approximately two miles into the falls with his wife Desirae Frank and their 16- year- old daughter. After seeing another individual successfully jump into the water, Frank jumped from an outcropping of rocks approximately 55 feet above the water. Frank was injured when he hit the water and was able to swim toward shore and yell for help. Desirae was at the water’s edge and was able to help Frank to shore when he became distressed. Desirae is a Registered Nurse and rendered first aid.

Frank received chest and back injuries. Frank was injured at 4:25 pm. Bystanders hiked the two mile long trail out to where they could call for help at 5:15 pm. The Sisters Camp Sherman Rural Fire Department and McKenzie Fire Department initially responded to the scene along with the Linn County and Lane County Search and Rescue Teams. Because of the steep terrain, the Eugene Mountain Rescue Team and the Corvallis Mountain Rescue Teams responded to assist with the high angle rescue. Rescuers rappelled down to and prepared him for an air evacuation. Just after midnight the Army National Guard responded and was able to hoist Frank to safety where he was transported in stable condition to St. Charles Hospital in Bend.

With summer approaching, Sheriff Riley would like to remind the public of the hazards of cliff jumping into water. This can be very dangerous and caution should be taken in and around these areas.