With Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, Linn County Sheriff Bruce Riley would like to remind citizens to be safe. This long weekend is typically packed with celebratory events like backyard barbecues, trips to the lake, picnics at the park and camping. Every festive event presents hazards that we should all be aware of; “Safety First” should always be a priority. To help you enjoy a safe holiday weekend we have gathered the following helpful safety tips.

Safety While Traveling
* Carry an emergency supply kit in your vehicle
* Let someone know your destination, route and when you expect to arrive
* Know your route and check road conditions beforehand and throughout the day
* Buckle up and observe speed limits
* Avoid driving distractions such as eating, cell phone conversations and texting
* Avoid the use of alcohol when you are going to be driving and use a designated driver

Safety While Swimming & Boating
* Check weather and water conditions beforehand and be aware of cold water temperatures
* Always swim with a friend and stay in designated swimming areas
* Provide constant supervision to children in or near the water
* Wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket
* Protect yourself from the sun by applying a waterproof sunblock

Safety While Camping
* Pack plenty of food, water, clothing and blankets
* Keep a safe distance from wild animals
* Practice good campfire safety and never leave a fire unattended
* Check for fire restrictions in your camping area at http://firerestrictions.us/or/oregon/
* Inform others where you will be camping and when you plan to return

For your added safety, deputies are also ramping up for extra patrols scheduled for the summer, as well as saturation patrols during peak usage periods. This includes full and part-time deputies assigned to Mountain and Marine Patrol. Their role is to bolster patrols and increase safety in the recreation areas of the Quartzville Corridor and Detroit Lake campgrounds within Linn County.

Sheriff Riley would like to remind everyone that NO dispersed camping is allowed on Army Corps of Engineer lands; as well as roadside camping along Quartzville Road. Those illegally camping will be contacted and could be charged with Trespass. For more information on camping in the Quartzville Corridor, Please visit www.linnparks.com.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!