Linn County Undersheriff Jim Yon reports he and his staff attended thirteen National Night Out events throughout rural Linn County last night. All the events were a huge success, with approximately 812 attendees county wide, which far surpasses the attendance of 600 last year. This year’s National Night Out included seven city wide events in Gates, Mill City, Lyons, Scio, Crabtree, Harrisburg, and Millersburg. There were several other community events in Shedd, Lacomb and rural areas of Albany and Lebanon.

Organizers use this event to provide neighbors with a chance to get to know one another. As a result, Neighborhood Watch groups are formed and they work together toward reducing crime, while helping people feel safe in and around their communities. There was a lot of discussion among the groups about future events, such as the eclipse and our planning for it. The events were well organized with food, games and prizes. It gave one a sense of community at a time when people are so busy with their own lives.

Undersheriff Jim Yon said “I would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s National Night Out. You made this a huge success”.