The Linn County Sheriff’s Office wishes everyone in Linn County a safe and happy Thanksgiving season.  While some members of our community will enjoy family throughout the weekend, others will also add to their family plans the Civil War football game, and others will take part in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday shopping. This time of year, the Sheriff’s Office sees an increase in the amount of residential burglaries; stealing packages from porches is also common.

“While our patrol deputies will be working diligently on Focus Patrol efforts targeted to suppress burglaries and thefts, we invite our community to also take part,” said Sheriff Bruce Riley.  “Join us in keeping your neighborhood safe.  If you notice suspicious activity, or persons in your neighborhood, please let us know immediately.”

Theft from porches increases around the Holiday Season.

Sheriff Riley encourages Linn County residents to keep doors and windows shut and locked, as well as their shops, barns and outbuildings. Doors should have deadbolt locks with a one-inch throw and reinforced strike plate, and sliding glass doors should be made extra secure by placing a metal or wooden rod in the track. Residents should keep the door to an attached garage locked and not rely on a garage door for security.

Residents can also help prevent home burglaries by having a trusted neighbor collect mail, packages and newspapers while you are away from home, creating the illusion you are home using timers on lights and electronics, as well as keeping the perimeter of your home well-lit.

Sheriff Riley also has some advice for those doing more online shopping this season, to ensure they receive the packages they have delivered.  In particular, citizens should consider alternate locations for delivery (such as their place of work, or to a local UPS or FedEx store), require a signature for delivery of packages, or schedule it for delivery when you will be home. Also, some folks may find a lockbox effective for securing delivered packages, or use an Amazon Locker (if available).

Technology can also help prevent theft, as well as offer help to investigators in the event of a theft. Smart doorbells can alert you when someone shows up at your front door, even giving residents the ability to talk to persons on their porch. Internet-based cameras are also a great theft prevention tool, as well as offering residents an ability to collect video data of people coming to their porch or front door.

Whatever your activities this season, Sheriff Riley and his staff encourage you to take all precautions to make sure your season isn’t saddened by theft and burglary.  If you have questions, please use our Contact Us page, and someone will get back to you.