In light of the recent media attention regarding our Second Amendment rights and in particular, concerns over IP 43, I feel it’s a good time to remind Linn County constituents of my stance on the issue.

On March 31, 2015, I published my opinion on SB 941 which required background checks on private party gun sales; refer below:

As Sheriff of Linn County I am frequently asked by citizens my opinion on proposed legislation. There are many bills before the Oregon State Legislature this year that in my opinion, are cause for concern. One of these bills is SB 941 which calls for background checks on the private party transaction of firearms.

While this bill may look good on the surface, don’t be fooled. It does nothing to make our families, communities, schools or businesses safer. Adding additional requirements and unnecessary laws for law abiding citizens is a waste of time and resources; time and resources that could be better spent on stiffening our current laws that deal with crimes committed with guns and the mental health issues that currently face our community every day.

As your Sheriff, I am committed to keeping guns away from criminals. I am equally committed in allowing law abiding citizens the right to possess firearms without further infringement.

Whether it’s SB 941 or IP 43, my view has not changed. More gun laws are not the answer. Holding gun-toting criminals accountable and strictly enforcing practical gun laws is my top priority.


Bruce Riley,
Linn County Sheriff