Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon reports his staff’s involvement to improve 911 services here in Linn County and across the nation. Linn County Sheriff’s Office Communications Manager, Cathy Orcutt is participating in “911 Goes to Washington” this week. Cathy Orcutt is also President of the Oregon chapter of Association of Public Safety Communication Officials (APCO)/National Emergency Number Association (NENA) organizations.

Cathy joined telecommunication leadership from all over the country to meet with senators and congressmen in Washington D.C. to discuss necessary funding to replace the critical infrastructure of the 911 system. The 911 system is 50 years old and using antiquated technology. The goal is for 911 to catch up with today’s technology and give dispatchers across the nation the ability to immediately locate a caller and determine where emergency services are needed. Currently, 911 dispatchers have less ability to pinpoint the location of a caller from a cell phone than popular services such as Uber or Domino’s. Today, she and other board members met with Senator Jeff Merkley and others to discuss the issues.

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have someone so dedicated fighting for these important issues so we can provide emergency services efficiently to those calling 911.