Before this year, we would have never imagined having to wear a mask and avoiding close contact when others are around.  We have experienced COVID-19 restrictions for quite some time now.  There are many businesses in our community holding on by a thread.  People are struggling because they feel cut off and alone. 


We understand the realities of Covid-19, but we draw the line when we are dealing with decisions relating to individual residences, religion, or businesses.    


The Linn County Sheriff’s Office decided back in April that we would not do criminal enforcement on COVID-19 measures.  Our role in the community is not to count how many people are at a residence or how an individual business conducts its affairs.  We definitely do not interfere with religious organizations.   We are going to continue to educate citizens, as needed, and that is where we will stop.  We trust citizens to assess risk and take precautions as appropriate given their individual circumstances.  We are not going to criminally enforce the COVID-19 restrictions contained in the Governor’s order. 


Doug Marteeny, Linn County District Attorney


Jim Yon, Linn County Sheriff